Is Dr Manhattan the Silver Surfer?

Who does Dr. Manhattan represent?

Dr. Manhattan or Jon Osterman represents both humankind, the people in power that make the decisions to produce and deploy nuclear weapons, and the consequences of tampering with higher powers. Dr. Manhattan represents mankind when we visit his human past in chapter 4.

Could Dr Manhattan beat Saitama?

And while a punch from Saitama would likely obliterate his physical form, Manhattan could reconstruct himself completely. … In a hypothetical fight, Manhattan could defeat Saitama if he tried but the omnipotent figure has been trying less and less as time has gone on.

Who would win Dr Manhattan vs Galactus?

There is one theoretical way that he could win the fight. Galactus can manipulate reality and molecules and could possibly absorb Manhattan’s energy. He may not be able to completely eliminate Manhattan but he could beat him in a fight.

Can Dr Manhattan lift Thor’s hammer?

Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen series of comics is one of the most powerful characters in comics. … Doctor Manhattan’s chances of being considered worthy are hurt by his selfish nature brought on by his “godhood.” This is something that would convince Odin to never even give Doctor Manhattan a chance to lift Mjolnir.

Can Dr Manhattan beat Thanos?

Manhattan is easily the more inherently powerful between the two characters. Using just his mind alone, Manhattan can accomplish virtually anything that Thanos can with the assistance of the Infinity Gauntlet.

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