How much is a Sea Doo spark jet ski?

How much does a Sea-Doo Spark cost?

With nimble, playful handling and a highly-efficient Rotax 900 ACE engine with plenty of zip, it’s the most affordable way to add buckets of fun to your summer. Commodity surcharge of $250 will apply.

SPARK 2 up.

Engine 60 90
Cylinders & Displacement 899 cc
Engine cooling Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)

How much is a 2021 Sea-Doo spark?

2021 Sea-Doo Spark 2up 90 hp iBR + Convenience Package • $7,199. One-of-a-kind fun. Fun to ride and easy to tow with most sedans, the SPARK is designed to make the most out of your summer on the water.

Is a Seadoo spark any good?

Incredibly light, easy to tow with almost any vehicle and the ability to entertain and delight for hours on end, the 2021 SPARK is offered in both 2-UP and 3-UP iterations. The 3-UP adds additional buoyancy and stability with enough room and power to accommodate tow sport adventures.

How much is jet ski insurance?

In general, you can expect to pay about $85 to $100 a year for liability coverage, while more comprehensive coverage can be $500 or more a year.

How far can a Sea-Doo spark go on a tank of gas?


Brand Model Miles at WOT
Sea-Doo SPARK 60 HP 166
Sea-Doo SPARK 90 HP 158
Yamaha EX 86
Yamaha VX Cruiser 141
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Do Seadoo Sparks have reverse?

Choose from Blueberry, Key Lime, Chili Pepper, Pineapple and Vanilla colorations and personalize your Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft to match your taste. Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) – With our exclusive Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system you can stop sooner than other watercraft.