How much does it cost to dive with whale sharks at Georgia Aquarium?

How much does it cost to dive in the Georgia Aquarium?

The scuba program costs $333.95 (plus tax) for non-Members and $279.95 for Annual Pass Members. Program price includes all dive equipment, certificate of participation, t-shirt and a souvenir photo. A video of your experience will be available for purchase.

How much does it cost to dive with whale sharks?

Booking a swim with the whale sharks costs about $60 to $100 and is possible online or in person.

How many whale sharks are in the Georgia Aquarium 2021?

Georgia Aquarium is home to four whale sharks and is the only aquarium in the United States where you can find these sharks.

Where is the best place to dive with whale sharks?

Seven Best Places to Swim with Whale Sharks

  1. Holbox, Mexico and Isla Contoy, Mexico. …
  2. Gladden Spit, Belize. …
  3. Tanzania. …
  4. Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines. …
  5. Utila, Honduras. …
  6. Australia.

Is it bad to swim with whale sharks?

Swimming with whale sharks in the middle of the ocean! While whale sharks have a huge mouth, they almost exclusively feed on plankton. That is why they are absolutely harmless to humans. They are mainly interested in fish eggs, algae and krill, and they are definitely not interested in the person swimming next to them.

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