How long does it take to raft the Colorado River?

How much does it cost to raft the Colorado River?

One-Day Whitewater Rafting | $360

Bus to the Colorado River departs the Route 66 Park at 8 a.m. Minimum Age for this tour is 8 years.

Do you need a permit to paddle the Colorado River?

In Colorado, most of the Colorado River is suitable only for skilled, intermediate paddlers or experts; however, the river has beginner-friendly waters running through Grand Junction and between South Canyon and Cameo. … Permits are not required to access the Lower Colorado River.

What is the best time of year to raft the Colorado River?

The best time to raft in Colorado is between May – September. It’s possible to raft in Colorado starting in the early spring all the way through early fall, and the best trip for you could fall at anytime throughout depending on what experience you are looking for on the river.

How much does it cost to raft down the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park: Rafting Costs

A vacation whitewater rafting in Grand Canyon ranges from $360 for a motorized one-day to $6899 for an 18-day oar trip. Once on the water, trips are all inclusive with no additional costs.

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Can you raft the whole Grand Canyon?

Yes, a 1-day rafting tour is possible; just don’t expect to see much of the rapids systems and other historic sites at the Grand Canyon. But don’t be disheartened as you will still get a taste of an amazing whitewater experience.

Can you kayak the whole Grand Canyon?

Everything within Grand Canyon proper is highly inaccessible for 1 day of Kayaking. There are plenty of 1 day hikes in the Grand Canyon, however, I only recommend going below the rim in the Fall, Winter and Spring due to the excessive heat.