How long are jet ski trailers?

How much is a jet ski trailer worth?

A new single jet ski trailer will cost $800-$1500. A double jet ski trailer is from $2,000-$3,500, with the 4-place trailer rounding out at $7,000-$9,000. Jet trailers do not go on sale and they aren’t thrown into the deal when you buy a new jet ski.

Why are jet skis so heavy?

Why Are They So Big? The biggest reason why jet skis are so big is that people wanted them. Everyone wanted something that was stable and able to carry 3 people along with all there gear.

Can you haul one jet ski on a double trailer?

Yes, a double trailer can haul one jet ski just fine. … I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of single jet skis on one side of a double jet ski trailer and never had an issue. You should still take proper precautions and tie down the front and rear of the jet ski to the trailer.

What size ball does a jet ski trailer take?

Single or double jet ski trailers won’t need anything more than a simple bar hitch with ball a 2” ball size.

How far apart are the bunks on a jet ski trailer?

A 30″ spacing from bunk to bunk might be good if the bunk sits vertical (the 4″ dimension of a 2×4 is vertical). If the 2″ dimension is vertical you may not have enough clearance and the hull could scrap the trailer cross member.

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Do jet skis have storage?

Jet Ski Storage Benefits

Jet skis are a fun watercraft but for most people they are only enjoyed seasonally or a few times a year. That means you need storage equipped to keep your jet skis ready until you are.

How do you keep a jet ski off a trailer?

Best Way to Store A Jet Ski Without and With A Trailer – Indoors Or Outdoors

  1. Fill up the gas tank.
  2. Drain any water from the engine.
  3. Remove the battery and store separately.
  4. Change the oil if needed.
  5. Add antifreeze.
  6. Make sure you add a cover to the Jet Ski.