How do I sort rows in Excel without mixing data?

How do you sort in Excel but keep rows together?

To do this, use Excel’s Freeze Panes function. If you want to freeze just one row, one column or both, click the View tab, then Freeze Panes. Click either Freeze First Column or Freeze First Row to freeze the appropriate section of your data. If you want to freeze both a row and a column, use both options.

How do I sort data in Excel without mixing data?

General Sort

  1. Click into any cell in the COLUMN you want to sort by within your list. (DO NOT highlight that column as this will sort that column only and leave the rest of your data where it is.)
  2. Click on the DATA tab.
  3. Click on either the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. button.

How do you categorize data in Excel?

Sorting levels

  1. Select a cell in the column you want to sort by. …
  2. Click the Data tab, then select the Sort command.
  3. The Sort dialog box will appear. …
  4. Click Add Level to add another column to sort by.
  5. Select the next column you want to sort by, then click OK. …
  6. The worksheet will be sorted according to the selected order.
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How do I sort multiple rows horizontally in Excel?

Sort in Excel by row and by column names

  1. Select the range of data you want to sort. …
  2. Click the Sort button on the Data tab to open the Sort dialog. …
  3. In the opening Sort Options dialog under Orientation, choose Sort left to right, and click OK.
  4. Then select the row by which you want to sort.

How do you categorize Data?

Categorizing Data

  1. Determine whether a value calculated from a group is a statistic or a parameter.
  2. Identify the difference between a census and a sample.
  3. Identify the population of a study.
  4. Determine whether a measurement is categorical or qualitative.

How do I organize large Data in Excel?

Data organization guidelines

  1. Put similar items in the same column Design the data so that all rows have similar items in the same column.
  2. Keep a range of data separate Leave at least one blank column and one blank row between a related data range and other data on the worksheet.

How do you classify Data?

Data is classified according to its sensitivity level—high, medium, or low. High sensitivity data—if compromised or destroyed in an unauthorized transaction, would have a catastrophic impact on the organization or individuals. For example, financial records, intellectual property, authentication data.