How do I know what size swimsuit to buy?

Do you size up or down for swimsuits?

“Swim fabrics stretch a bit when wet, so sizing down or staying true to size is better when you’re spending most of your time in actual water,” she says. “If you’re staying dry most of the time, sizing up could help you feel more comfortable since the natural stretching won’t happen when the suit stays dry.

What size is 32 in swimsuits?



32 S 4/6 35 – 36.5
34 M 8 37 – 38.5
36 L 10/12 39 – 40.5
38 XL 14/16 41 – 42

What is a size 6 swimsuit?

Bikini Sizes

Standard Size US Size Waist
M 6 28.5
8 30.5
L 10 32.5
12 34.5

Do swimsuit sizes run small?

Swimwear is sold as separates so you can choose two different sizes for your top and bottom. This brand typically runs smaller in size than the norm so we suggest sizing up when it comes to bottoms.

How do you know if a swimsuit is too big?

With a bikini top, the front and the back should be even on the front and the back. If it’s higher in the back, then your bikini top is too big. Your straps should be snug, but not tight. No red lines in the skin.

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Do Roxy swimsuits run small?

Roxy always runs small so Keep that in mind.

What size is a 32 in UK?

Women’s Clothing Sizes

UK Sizes Europen Sizes
XS 4 32
6 34
S 8 36
10 38

What size is 140 in swimsuits?

Intl Swimswear Size Chart:

Size YRS Size EU Chest CM
9 134 (S/28″) 70
10 140 (M/30″) 74
11 146 (M/30″) 77
12 152 (L/32″) 80