How do I dispose of a wetsuit?

What to do after wearing a wetsuit?

Take Care of Your Wetsuit

  1. 1) A thorough freshwater rinse. …
  2. 2) Hang up your wetsuit properly. …
  3. 3) Turn the suit inside out each day until it’s dry. …
  4. 4) Use some wetsuit shampoo occasionally. …
  5. 5) Banish the stink. …
  6. 6) Slow down when taking your suit off.

What happens old wetsuits?

If wetsuits are in good condition they’ll be donated to Surfing Victoria’s Indigenous Surfing Program, otherwise – along with old thongs – they’ll be crumbed down and turned into bitumen to build roads. They also accept surf change mats for rubber recycling.

How do I dispose of a wetsuit UK?

If you have an old wetsuit (any brand) you no longer want and don’t know what to do with. Send it back to us, or drop it off at our factory in Crediton. Please include a note in your parcel saying that you wish to recycle your wetsuit. Recycle over landfill every time!

What do you do with old wetsuits in Australia?

Surfers across the country can now recycle any surf branded wetsuit at participating Rip Curl stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. All recycled rubber will now be repurposed for use in the safety attenuation layer of soft fall matting used at playgrounds and outdoor gyms.

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Should you wash a wetsuit?

Most of the time, rinsing your wetsuit with fresh water and thoroughly drying it will keep your wetsuit fresh and odor free. But if your wetsuit gets smelly, wash your wetsuit in a tub of fresh, warm water (not hot). Use one of the special wetsuit soaps or a small amount of baby shampoo.

How do you revive an old wetsuit?

Soak it in a tub with 3 inches of water for about 5 minutes a few days before your race. The Reason: All Wetsuits are kind of like sponges. When they are moist they are supple and flexible. Believe it or not, your wetsuits stay moist for days, even weeks between uses, though they appear dry… just like a sponge.

What can you do with neoprene?

In addition to old wetsuits, these Coloradans take donated climbing ropes, tents and bike tires and turn them into bike panniers, backpacks, messenger bags, laptop cases and more. Make Something Your Damn Self: For the DIY-inclined, neoprene is an endlessly versatile material.

What can I do with my old wetsuit UK?

There are basically three options: recycle/upcycle, rebuild, or donate. Don’t trash wetsuits or throw them away. Remember that neoprene is a petroleum-based, non-biodegradable material.

Can neoprene be recycled?

It’s still impossible to recycle neoprene itself back into raw neoprene to make new wetsuits. … However, there’s a great way to give your wetsuit a second life. By shredding it into pieces, neoprene can be up-cycled into qualified products such as a new yoga mat.

Is neoprene environmentally friendly?

Neoprene has been favoured for its insulation properties, durability and chemical/weather/ozone resistance, but the non-renewable material isn’t known for being eco-friendly. The petroleum used in neoprene in a non-renewable resource, drilled up from the depths of the earth with disastrous consequences for the planet.

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