How can I improve my butterfly swimming?

What is a good 100 butterfly time?

The 100 (for any stroke) is about going 99% for the first 50 and 100% for the second 50. If you go 26 for a 50 free sprint, you should go between 26.5 and 27 for your opening 50 in the 100.

What is faster freestyle or butterfly?

Contrary to popular belief, the peak speed reached in butterfly is actually faster than freestyle. The double arm pulling action has great propulsive potential, and when combined with the downbeat of the kick, is faster than the single-arm pull in freestyle.

Why is swimming butterfly so hard?

The butterfly stroke is one of the most difficult swimming strokes because it requires precise technique in addition to good rhythm. … The “fly” as it is affectionately called by swimmers, requires two dolphin kicks followed by simultaneous arm motion.

What kick is acceptable when swimming the butterfly stroke?

In the butterfly stroke, swimmers execute a technique with their legs called the dolphin kick. In the dolphin kick, both legs do a simultaneous whipping movement, with the feet pointed. This looks a bit like the up and down movements of a dolphin’s tail, which explains the name of this swimming technique.

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