Frequent question: Where can I kayak in Folly Beach?

Can you kayak at Folly Beach?

Water Activities in Charleston, SC in Folly Beach

Rent a canoe or kayak and weave through blackwater swamps, rice plantations, creeks and rivers. Charleston’s waterways are waiting for you to come explore them.

Can you kayak to Morris Island Lighthouse?

A group of kayakers paddles along the Folly River on the way to Morris Island. Visitors to Folly Beach can get a pretty good look at the historic Morris Island Lighthouse from the northeastern end of the barrier island.

How do I get to Morris Island by kayak?

Kayak launch on the Folly River to Morris Island. Trip is about 4.5 nautical miles (about 5 statute miles) one way. Plan your trip to head to Morris Island with an ebb tide at least 2 hours before the predicted low tide. Plan the return any time after low tide riding the flood current.

How do I get to Morris Island by boat?

The easiest (and safest) way to get to Morris Island by boat is to take one of the several commercial boat tours operated out of the Charleston area, with departures available from Folly Beach, Bowens Island, Mount Pleasant and elsewhere.

Can you kayak in Charleston Harbor?

You Can Kayak Year-Round

So, no matter when you are visiting Charleston, kayaking is a must-do on your list. Unlike other destinations, any time you come to Charleston, you get the full experience, regardless of what month it is!

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