Frequent question: What celebrity died in a jet ski accident?

Is Jet skiing safe?

Personal watercraft devices (PWC), such as jet ski’s, can be an exciting water-based activity, but it can also be dangerous and precautions must be taken. In 2018, the US Coast Guard (USCG) reported 634 injuries attributed to a personal watercraft; 196 of those injuries occurred to children ages 19 and under.

Who is the most famous skier in the world?


Pos. Name Victories
1 Ingemar Stenmark 86
2 Marcel Hirscher 67
3 Hermann Maier 54
4 Alberto Tomba 50

How fast was Sonny Bono going when he died?

Pierini said officials estimated that Bono was going between 20 and 30 miles per hour when he hit the tree. He said the autopsy by the Douglas County coroner showed “no indication of any substances or alcohol.” Bono’s body was flown to Palm Springs today, where a funeral is planned for Friday.

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