Frequent question: How do I sort Google sheets and keep rows together?

How do you sort in Google sheets but keep rows together?

In the Sort Warning window, select Expand the selection, and click Sort. Along with Column G, the rest of the columns will also be sorted, so all rows are kept together. NOTE: When you’re working with a table or filtered range, all rows are kept together automatically, and there is no need to expand the selection.

How do you sort and keep rows together?

To do this, use Excel’s Freeze Panes function. If you want to freeze just one row, one column or both, click the View tab, then Freeze Panes. Click either Freeze First Column or Freeze First Row to freeze the appropriate section of your data. If you want to freeze both a row and a column, use both options.

How do you sort without messing up rows?

Sorting Multiple Rows or Columns

  1. Select any cell within the data range wherein sorting needs to be applied.
  2. Click on the Data Tab on Menu Bar, and further click on Sort under Sort & Filter group.
  3. Sort dialog box opens up. …
  4. Under Sort On List, select the type of sort that needs to be applied.
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Is there a program that will alphabetize a list?

You can quickly and easily sort the text of a bulleted or numbered list in Microsoft’s popular Word program so that your text is in alphabetical order. In the Sort Text dialog box, under Sort by, click Paragraphs and Text, and then click either Ascending or Descending.

How do you link rows in Excel so they will stay together during sort?

Highlight/select all of the columns you have data entered in (or that you want included in the sort). Select data and select auto filter. This will place double arrows in the top row that will allow you to sort each column while keeping corresponding data in the same row. Hope this helps.

How do you lock rows when filtering?

How to lock rows in Excel?

  1. format the data as a table.
  2. in the Table Tools contextual > Designs tab > Table Style Options: Turn on “Header Row” and “Filter button.
  3. teach them to click on the “Filter button” (#1)
  4. pick the sort order they want to use (#2)

How do you lock cells in Excel so they don’t move when you sort?

To freeze rows:

  1. Select the row below the row(s) you want to freeze. In our example, we want to freeze rows 1 and 2, so we’ll select row 3. …
  2. Click the View tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Select the Freeze Panes command, then choose Freeze Panes from the drop-down menu. …
  4. The rows will be frozen in place, as indicated by the gray line.
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How do you sort multiple rows in Excel?

You can use these steps to sort multiple rows or columns in Excel:

  1. Highlight the data items you want to sort. …
  2. Open the Data menu from the top of the program. …
  3. Enter the sorting window. …
  4. Add another column or row to the sorting window. …
  5. Choose “Custom Sort” in the sorting window. …
  6. Confirm by hitting “OK”

How do I sort multiple rows horizontally in Excel?

Sort in Excel by row and by column names

  1. Select the range of data you want to sort. …
  2. Click the Sort button on the Data tab to open the Sort dialog. …
  3. In the opening Sort Options dialog under Orientation, choose Sort left to right, and click OK.
  4. Then select the row by which you want to sort.

When I filter in Excel rows disappear?

Check for hidden rows. Hidden rows aren’t even shown as a filter option on the filter list. … This may mean you need to select the row above and below the hidden data. Then either right-click in the row header area (over the row numbers) and select Unhide or from the Home tab select Format, Hide & Unhide, Unhide Rows.