Does Maui have good snorkeling?

Which side of Maui is best for snorkeling?

Makena Landing on the South side is one of the great places to snorkel on Maui. The waves are gentle, and the ocean bottom at entry is made of soft coral sand, so getting in the water is easy. On the right hand side of the bay, the tumbling coral reef extends quite far, and it houses fabulous and varied marine life.

Is snorkeling better in Maui or Big Island?

The Big Island and Maui far exceed Oahu and Kauai in terms of the amount of snorkeling locations and the quality and quantity of healthy reefs, fish and other sea life. … But if you really love snorkeling with Green Sea Turtles, then Maui has the edge.

Is snorkeling better in Maui or Oahu?

Snorkeling is hands-down much better on Maui. Oahu does have some great snorkel spots, but if you want to get into the water, snorkel easily, and not have the ocean too over-crowded, Maui is your place. … We love snorkeling in Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, Honolua Bay, Turtle Town & Maluaka Beach.

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Can you snorkel without a tour?

Here are the most important things to be aware of when snorkeling without a guide: Gear – If you’re choosing to snorkel without a guide, you better be prepared to come up with some snorkeling gear. If you have your own already, that’s fantastic. Otherwise you’ll need to find some rentals.

Can you snorkel in Hawaii without a tour?

So, if you want to go snorkeling in Oahu, you don’t NEED to go on a snorkeling tour to do so. Aside from snorkeling, a snorkeling tour can also be about being able to get a Hawaii experience to remember with a day out on the water sailing the ocean!

Can you snorkel off the beach in Maui?

If you think snorkeling off Maui is exotic, try snorkeling off uninhabited Molokini Islet, just off the coast of Maui. Only reachable by boat, the crystal clear waters found in the island’s remote cove offer snorkelers a glassy window into Maui’s underwater world.

What time of day is best for snorkeling in Hawaii?

Low tide and low or limited sun will offer reduced visibility for snorkelers during excursions. As such, late morning and early afternoon snorkeling is typically the best time of the day for snorkeling beaches, when you pair that with the schedule of the tides.

Is it better to go snorkeling in the morning or afternoon?

Snorkeling is a super fun activity but one that requires you to take note of the weather conditions before entering the water. Because weather conditions are normally better in the morning hours, most snorkelers find taking part in the activity before lunch time or early afternoon provides them with the best results.

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