Can you use freediving fins for scuba?

Can you scuba dive with long fins?

Long fins are the so called freediving fins or spearfishing fins, because they were designed for freedivers and spearfishermen. But more and more scuba divers are finding the long fins desirable for open water diving.

Do freediving fins make a difference?

Freediving fins are so long because longer blades displace more water per kick. This means overall you use less energy per kick. … Longer freediving fin blades, will in the long run, result in more oxygen being saved for your brain & body so you can dive deeper, for longer.

Can you scuba dive after freediving?

If you freedive without straining yourself and at shallow depths, you can scuba dive afterwards without much worry. Obviously, the more breath-hold dives you do, the more difficult it could become to keep equalizing over and over.

What’s the difference between flippers and fins?

Fins have no true bones or skeletal structure within and are composed primarily of cartilage. A flipper has a bone structure as well as cartilage, joints, and tendons.

Why do freedivers use long fins?

The reason freediving & spearfishing fins are long has to do with the structure of the fin’s blade. … In other words, the ratio between the energy the diver must put into moving the fin underwater to the actual resulting propulsion is larger than in any other type of fins as a result.

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How do you store freediving fins?

Keep them away from human traffic; I have Ice fins and they get stepped on often enough if I leave them lying on the deck. When storing, I’d rather not store something else on top of them. I’d leave them out of the sun, that goes for my mask(s) and suit as well. For transportation, I just hand carry them.

How do you choose freediving fin stiffness?

Too soft will give you less power and require extra movement, and too hard will take more of your energy, burn more of your precious oxygen, and can also cause more lactic acid buildup. Many freedivers think you need stiffer blades the deeper you go, but in reality, the stiffness should match your musculature.