Can you swim in the sea at Port Douglas?

Is Four Mile beach safe to swim?

Four Mile Beach is one of the safest beaches in Port Douglas for swimming. … On the safety front, Four Mile Beach is patrolled daily by the Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club, and there’s a net enclosure located in front of the club headquarters for swimming during the marine stinger season.

Where can u see crocodiles in Port Douglas?

Re: Where to see crocodiles? There’s a paddle steamer called the Lady Douglas that does crocodile cruises in Port Douglas. It’s best to go at low tide when the crocs are on exposed mud flats by the river. At high tide the flats are under water and the crocs are often out of sight in the mangroves.

Are there Box jellyfish in Port Douglas?

A number of jellyfish have been found in the waters and on the sand at Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, including the deadly box jellyfish and the nasty cyanea barkeri (pictured), better known as ‘snotties’ or ‘hair jellies’.

Can you swim at Mossman Gorge?

Swimming in the Mossman River is not recommended by Mossman Gorge Centre. … Entering the Mossman River can be dangerous even when it appears calm and shallow near the shore, due to a combination of strong currents, cold deep water, and submerged objects (including rocks and floating logs).

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Can you swim in Port Douglas in December?

Thanks to the beautiful Port Douglas weather you can swim all year round. … Between the months of November and March, Port Douglas is home to the box jellyfish, so special swimming enclosures are erected at popular beaches to protect swimmers.