Can you kayak on Lake Loveland?

Does Lake Loveland have public access?

While the lake itself is private (the recreational rights belong to the homeowners surrounding the lake) the The South Shore offers fishing and a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. … All public-accessible areas are managed by the City of Loveland’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Can you swim in Loveland lake?

The Lake Loveland Swim Beach area is an excellent place to have your family get together and go swimming too! It offers FREE guarded summertime lake swimming from Memorial Day through Labor Day (depending on weather, water levels and staffing). Swimming is not allowed when guards are not on duty.

Can you fish Lake Loveland?

Fishing with the Family

Lake Loveland offers catch and release fishing from the shore and the piers at North Lake Park. North Lake Park offers many amenities and is a great park to take the kids to.

Can you walk around Lake Loveland?

The Greeley-Loveland Irrigation Co. owns water rights to the reservoir, and the homeowners’ association around the lake owns the surface and recreation rights. So though it may be tempting, the general public cannot walk on the exposed sand.

Are dogs allowed at Loveland Lake?

Boyd Lake, Carter Lake and Lake Loveland are all dog friendly.

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Where does Loveland get their water?

The physical source of Loveland’s water is both obvious and remarkable. Much of the city’s supply comes from the snow pack on the eastern side of the mountains west of the city. It flows into the Big Thomp- son River where it then meets the Water Treatment Plant and then enters pipelines for use in Loveland.

Where is Loveland Pass Lake?

Pass Lake is a small lake located south of Loveland Pass in Summit County, Colorado. Pass Lake drains east via an unnamed stream which flows into North Fork Snake River. The Pass Lake Picnic Area is located by the lake.

Pass Lake
Surface elevation 11,834 feet (3,607 m)