Can you buy diving boards in Canada?

Are diving boards illegal in Canada?

(1) No diving board or diving platform shall be installed in a public poolunless the requirements of Sentences (5) to (17) are met but the requirements for a diving platform do not apply to a starting platform. (2) No diving board or diving platform shall be installed in a modified poolor a wave action pool.

What can I use instead of a diving board?

10 Diving Board Alternatives for Your Pool

  • Faux Diving Rocks. Perhaps a safer alternative to diving boards, diving rocks are both decorative and fun to use for launching yourself into the pool. …
  • Slides. …
  • Rope Swings. …
  • Poolside Climbing Walls. …
  • Water Features. …
  • Basketball Hoop. …
  • Hot Tub. …
  • Cocktail Tables or Firepits in the Pool.

Are diving boards illegal?

Diving boards aren’t technically illegal, but local municipalities have their own regulations around them — like how deep your pool must be, or height restrictions for the diving board.

Can fiberglass pools have diving boards?

But it did not take long before fiberglass manufacturers started building fiberglass swimming pools that were 8′ deep and could take a diving board. … Fiberglass pools will usually be 6′ to 7′ deep in the deep end leaving the home owner with an area of pool that they tread water.

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Why do pools say no diving?

The majority interpreted the image as indicating that diving will lead to hitting your head on the bottom of the pool. … When presented a sign saying “No Diving—Shallow water”, children also correctly interpreted the text to mean that one should not dive because doing so was unsafe.

How safe are diving boards?

Collisions with diving boards accounted for nearly half (44%) of all injuries, even among 15- to 19-year olds, who were at increased risk of sustaining an underwater injury from contact with the bottom of the pool.

Are diving boards illegal in Massachusetts?

(3) No diving board or platform more than one meter above the pool water levelshall be permitted for general public use in any swimming pool. At least 13 feet of free and unobstructed head room shall be provided above diving boards and platforms.

Are diving boards popular?

More than a decade ago, approximately 90% of all in-ground swimming pools had a diving board, but today they are becoming less and less common.