Best answer: How do you do backstroke arms?

What are the 4 parts of the backstroke arm movement?

In backstroke, the arm stroke movements can be divided into the following phases:

  • Entry and extension forward.
  • First downsweep.
  • Catch.
  • First upsweep.
  • Second downsweep.
  • Second upsweep.
  • Release.
  • Recovery.

How would you describe backstroke arms?

In the backstroke, the arms perform alternating and opposite movements. One arm pulls backward in the water, from an extended forward position to outside the shoulder and then to the hip, performing an S-shaped movement and providing propulsion.

How deep should your hand go under water during the arm pull of backstroke?

Finish the push about 1.2-2ft below the surface of the water • Hand should be palm down at this point • Hands should be at a 40-deg angle in relation to the pull pattern, thus creating more propulsion due to the effect of lift than if they pushed straight backward and obtained propulsion due to the effect of drag (/ 40 …

Is the backstroke easy?

Luckily, it’s one of the easiest swimming strokes to learn.

For many swimmers, young and old, the backstroke is the easiest stroke to learn. … Another reason the backstroke is easy to learn it because its built on the back float ⏤ you’re simply adding intermittent arm and leg movements to make forward progress.

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Can you dolphin kick in backstroke?

The dolphin kick is essential for many top athletes because it is the fastest part of the race. It may also constitute the majority of the race (i.e., in the 100 yard backstroke the swimmer may kick underwater dolphin for 15 yards per length which equates to as much as 60 yards kicking in a 100 yd race).

Is backstroke faster than freestyle?

The fundamentals of backstroke are the same as for freestyle. … Of all four strokes, backstroke is not the fastest stroke, but it is the most efficient stroke. That means that there is less change of speed in backstroke than in any other stroke.

What is the path for arm movement underwater look like?

Additional Tips. The shape drawn by your hands in the water looks like a keyhole pattern: first, your hands separate during the outsweep, then they converge while moving below your chest, then they separate again and move towards the hips.

What is double arm backstroke?

To perform the drill, swimmers will take two simultaneous strokes, entering and exiting the water with both arms in unison. … The focus on the drill is on the entry and what happens thereafter.